Rendering Green Lofts

Competition Green Lofts. 2nd prize


At the Green Lofts competition, to which we were invited, we won 2nd prize.

The design task of the Green Lofts competition was answered here in a structural structure, which is reminiscent of a greenhouse in terms of design and appearance. Internationally, a green house, also sometimes called a greenhouse, is the name for a greenhouse, a construction with walls and roof, which is mainly made of transparent materials.

Our suggestion is only the appearance of a greenhouse. As a concept we have used the construction in parts only as pergola construction, partly as a support for photovoltaic elements or other alternative facade elements, or in correspondingly thermally insulated multiple glazing also for recreation rooms on the uppermost level, which are then made with safety glass with corresponding overhead glazing approvals. This creates a landmark whose facade scaffolding can create different climatic zones as a complete shell. Evenly also in parts as a greenhouse in areas where urban farming could then take place, which cannot be allocated to the areas of the recreation areas.