Sheet metal, glass and wood are the building's main materials (Pictures: Wilford Schupp, Jacques)

Architectural Appetizer


Soon, B. Braun’s newly extended canteen will be ready to open. The first phase of the project was completed last November, when the new food counters came into operation. From March 2013 onwards, employees will have two refectory dining areas to choose from. In addition to the internal dining areas, a patio is currently being constructed for use in good weather.


Due to an increase in employee numbers at the “Pfieffewiesen” plant in recent years an extension of the existing catering facilities was required. Altogether, the enlarged canteen with its “wavelike” North facade, will provide space for 240 people. The new extension ingratiates itself to the existing building through its architecture and materiality; drawing inspiration from the glass, clinker brick, and metal sheeting of its neighbour.