f.l.t.r. in the back: Karin Abt, Adrienne Braun, Rosalie, Prof. Stockhammer, Jolanta Gatzanis, Reid Anderson, Peter Rommel f.l.t.r. in the front: Frank Paul Kistner, Eric Gauthier, Markus Brock, Manuel Schupp ©Fanny Hirling/Studio KIstner

Book presentation "Giving and Taking. Paths to Creativity“


What are the contents of the glue that binds creativity? Why is a special creative relationship between mentor and pupil so productive, dynamic and many-faceted? Author, Adrienne Braun, received many interesting answers from 18 different artists and shares them with us in the new volume „Giving and taking. Paths to Creativity“. One of the described personalities is Manuel Schupp with his „mentor“ James Stirling.

The presentation of the book was held in the Gallery ABTART in Stuttgart, Germany. More information about the book.