High-bay warehouse in Melsungen


The new high-bay warehouse unit in the B. Braun Melsungen AG distribution centre at the Pfieffewiesen site has gone into operation at the start of July. With a capacity of 10,000 pallets, it is an extension of the logistics section in Melsungen.


Total investment: 23 million €.


Highest priority was given to the themes of ecological sustainability and energy efficiency. Seven air ducts were placed under the new foundation slab to cool inflowing air and thus completely eliminate the need for mechanical airconditioning.


By recycling existing aluminium facade panels, the smelting, production and transport of new panels could be avoided. The deliberately resulting salt and pepper aesthetic is thus not only ecological and unique, but also lively in appearance. It also allows for an uncomplicated replacement of any panel at any time.The project was completed within the budget and on time, to the complete satisfaction of the client.


Building phase: 2015 – 2016.