Foreman Ralf Weber giving the ceremony speech (Photo: Wilford Schupp Architekten)

The Innovation Factory's shell is completed (Photo: Wilford Schupp Architekten)

Innovation Factory: Celebrating the Topping-out


After just nine months of construction Aesculap’s new Innovation Factory reaches the next mile stone: Construction workers, structural engineers, architects and Aesculap staff have been recognized for their efforts during the topping-out ceremony last Thursday.


Thanks to the time schedule and mild winter weather the construction process is right on time. Foreman Ralf Weber (Stumpp Company) encouraged the whole team to carry on the same way in order to create a “masterpiece”. Following the traditional blessing ceremony he threw his wine glass from the top of the factory.


By the end of 2014, Aesculap, who specialize in medical technology will produce engines and containers in a new facility spread out over of 14.200 sqm of floor area. A further 4.250 sqm of office and social spaces to support production will also be constructed in an adjoining office building. In the first construction phase the production building will measure 150 to 50 meters and the adjoining office building will measure 85 to 10 meters. Construction will cost approximately 50 million Euros and provide work places for 600 people.


"In addition to the outstanding architecture of the new building one thing is apparent: The new production technologies and processes housed in the Innovation Factory are evidence of the great innovative spirit of Aesculap," said the president of Baden-Württemberg’s parliament, Guido Wolf.


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