Buildings B10 and B11, B. Braun Malaysia, Penang (Picture: bloomimages/Wilford Schupp Architekten)

Malaysia: Six new Wilford Schupp buildings


Progress on Wilford Schupp Architekten’s Malaysian sites: On B. Braun AG's Campus two building B10 will soon be finished. Currently the interior, entrance area and outdoor installations are realized. The shell of building B11 will soon be completed. Recently the last ceiling panel was set up there. Unlike in Europe there are evenly warm weather conditions throughout the year that do not impede construction works.


There is also progress on Campus two. Construction has started for buildings B8 (Office building), B9 (Production Building) and B5 (Canteen). A special characteristic of the new canteen will be its position: It will "float" between the two production buildings B9 and B3, which was completed in late 2013.


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