Photographs: Wilford Schupp Architekten

Malaysian Projects continued



An impressive souvenir: returning from their last workshop meeting in Malaysia our colleagues brought with them pictures showing the latest progression of the ongoing construction works. "B3" (the new production building) with its characteristic Y-columns along with "B10" (the new multifunctional building) containing office space, a canteen at first floor and parking at ground floor are due for completion this summer. "B10", characterized by its unique aesthetic incorporates efficient use of land as well as special elements which shelter against sun and rain providing protection from the warm humid climate of Penang Island.


Wilford Schupp Architects have been commissioned with planning approximately 150.000 square meters worth of new buildings at two locations on the B. Braun Malaysia campus. Aesculap, a division of the B. Braun Company, has begun construction of the new "B11" production building. It will provide space for the production of surgical instruments along with office and social areas.


You can find more pictures and renderings of the new Malaysia buildings here.