Rebuilding and Modernization of the Canteen


In July the rebuilding of the canteen and the renovation of the dining room and the sanitary installations began. The outdated culinary technology and concept are getting completely reworked and will better adapt to the future demands of the new culinary operator. A new “Free Flow Zone” is arising.

The self-service area with the new serving counters will be formed in such a way that the guest can move about freely and also communicate with the staff while food is served to them. The entrance hall will become more open and spacious. Also the overall appearance will improve from having a regular canteen look to a high-quality culinary ambience. Furthermore, a lounge area furnished at level 6 will welcome everybody to drink a coffee after lunch or just relax. Probably from the beginning of 2015 the students and employees will be able to use the new and converted areas.

Since the completion in 1996 the State University of Music and Performing Arts influences the cityscape in the cultural mile of Stuttgart. The significant university tower forms, not only visually, but also organizationally the center of the building composition and contains all central functions. A 3-storey concert hall with a capacity of 500 seats, a library and a senate hall is included. With up to 350 concerts and about 85,000 visitors per year the State University of Music is one of the cultural highlights of Stuttgart. (Source: