Aesculap production building, as seen from North (Picture: Wilford Schupp)

Tuttlingen: Construction of Aesculap’s new production building soon to begin


One of the biggest building projects in the history of the city of Tuttlingen can soon begin. Now that the building licence is at hand, a new factory will be constructed for the medical technology company Aesculap. The construction is due to be finished until the end of 2014. All in all, Aesculap invests about 50 million Euros. 


The building will be 150 metres in length and 50 metres in depth. Over two storeys, 15.000 sqm of space will be provided for the production of engines and containers for surgical instruments. In addition, offices and social spaces with a total of 4.250 sqm will be provided across five levels. The building can be extended in the future towards the north-east. 


In advance of the building application, special attention was paid to the concerns of local residents, and also to the company’s wish to comply with high standards for environmentally friendly and ecological construction.