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2nd prize competition in housing and public space at Fasanenhof


We achieved the 2nd prize in the competition driven by the Municipality of Stuttgart; a project that consisted in the design of additional residence construction types and the development of public spaces along the Erhlich street in Fasanenhof, Möhringen.

The assignment of the competition was to develop the design of five different new cooperative housing options, as well as adapting those to the existing architectural and environmental conditions of the designated location.

On the other hand, for the different areas of design the competitors had to include proposals for a new design plan for open public areas, and considered a design for the future development of the municipal lot Ehrichstreet 33/55 plus the privat properties on Sautter and Bergius street. Nowadays, four refugee shelters and a DRC temporary accommodation are settled on the municipal land property.


The aim of the competition was basically to create an urban planning design concept that included additional housing options and that could enhance the aesthetics  of the area of the project.