New Housing Alsterberg


On a former barracks site in Hamburg-Alsterdorf, between Sengelmannstrasse and Suhrenkamp, the Gesellschaft fuer Wohnungs- und Gewerbebau Baden-Wuerttemberg AG (GWG) has developed new housing with a total of 309 rental apartments with two separate underground parking garages. In addition, plans are underway for a day-care center and housing for people with disabilities.


The winning design was the result of a closed, urban-design-competition, that was won together with the architectural firm Eckert Manthos Tagwerker. Along the Suhrenkamp three courtyards are formed, leaving as much as possible the existing trees untouched and laying out a grid of multi-faceted housing types. Along the Sengelmannstrasse a comb structure creates further two sunlit courtyards.


Initiating the entrance to the quarters is a multistoried cube-shaped student housing. Numerous outdoor public spaces along the quarter’s street serve to integrate the existing structure of trees.

This is the first project in our office to utilize the new software Revit in conjunction with the BIM method. Construction began in March of 2015; it is due for completion in April of 2017.