Picture: Wilford Schupp Architekten

Wilford Schupp win second prize in Lapp head office competition


In a competition recently decided, Wilford Schupp’s concept for a head office in Stuttgart was awarded with the second prize. An office tower with nine storeys was designed for Lapp Kabel, a cable manufacturer based in Stuttgart. It has a distinctive shape and façade, which is glazed and covered in aluminium components. The building is sited on a two-storey plinth, where the reception, conference area, and company exhibition are located.


Different utilisation concepts were developed for the building, ranging from single offices to “business clubs”, where working, meetings, and relaxation go hand in hand. The “Skylounge” and two loggias provide quality space for recreation.


In addition to the head office, a masterplan for the site was developed. Emanating from the central plaza further functions like production, logistics, canteen, and parking can be reached.