How We Deal with Rainwater

An impressive example for Malaysian culture is the Blue Mansion building in Georgetown, Penang. Built in 1880 by a Chinese trader it is now used as a hotel and museum. In the richly decorated, ornamental courtyard is an ingenious water cleaning system. Flowing water is a symbol for prosperity. Because stagnant water carries a health risk by promoting the spread of malaria, it is very import that rainwater cleans effectively and then flows off quickly. In the traditional courtyard the collected rainwater flowsout off two


opposite outlets at a high speed into the court yard. The spiral-shaped waterway cleans the courtyard and flows off in the middle of the area. Similar to this traditional method we integrated a visible rainwater management system at the Production Building B3. The downpipes are installed between two columns. The water is drained off in open channels. The garden design provides also a waterway which carries water after the rain and cleans the outer surface.


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