Aesculap Innovation Factory

On the 22nd  April 2013, the laying of the foundation stone for the 'Aesculap Innovation Factory' takes place in the Southern German town of Tuttlingen. By the end of 2014, the company, which specializes in medical technology will produce engines and containers in a new facility spread out over of 14.200 sqm of floor area. A further 4.250 sqm of office and social spaces to support production will also be constructed in an adjoining office building. Construction will cost approximately 50 million Euros and provide around 600 work places.

"With the innovation factory, we want to demonstrate how production buildings can be both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly," said architect Manuel Schupp. In order to save energy a ‘cogeneration’ or ‘CHP (combined heat and power) system’ will be put into operation. Using the 'adiabatic principle', vaporised water will be used to cool rooms in warm weather. To reduce the impact of  noise emissions on the environment, special noise insulation systems will be installed.


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