ena european network architecture As one of the six founding members of the association we support their goal to solve current structural and planning challenges in an intelligent way – and to create a space for interactive and interdisciplinary exchange. In the meantime there are more than 50 architects, specialist planners, manufacturers and service providers involved in ena. The main focus is architecture and construction “made in Germany”, sharing structures and joint projects.

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Bund Deutscher Architekten (BDA) The purpose of the BDA is to secure the independence of planning and the fiduciary relationship between clients and architects, as well as to improve the guidelines for competitions. As members of the Association of German Architects we are involved at the state, as well as, national levels.

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NAX - Network for Architecture Exchange Since 2002 the Federal Chamber of Architects has been supporting German architects on their way to new markets all over the world with the network “Architecture Export NAX”. Through regular events at home and abroad, NAZ promotes “Architecture made in Germany” by bringing  together architects, who are active across borders and internationally, providing contact between domestic and foreign colleagues, clients and investors.

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fritzP. completes the range of classic architectural offices with consulting services in the field of real estate and focuses on tendering, awarding and construction management phases. The portfolio is supplemented by analysis of existing conditions, feasibility studies and master planning (service phase 0).

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ARCHITEKTEN0711 is an initiative by seven freelance architects from Stuttgart. They are supported by local trade and handcraft businesses. A series of shared exhibitions and theme-based presentations provide insights and views into the work, projects, visions and the spectrum of services of all participants – an inspiring program, which invites all to a dialog about good design and dedicated planning.

DGNB - German Sustainable Building Council
Sustainablity is one of the most important aspects for our work, that is why we are members of DGNB.

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