We're deeply engaged in providing solutions to complex urban and architectural issues, contributing to a more livable world.

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  • Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Haus der Geschichte, Stuttgart
  • B.Braun Campus 1, Penang
  • Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Leipzig
  • Aesculap Innovation Factory Tuttlingen
  • Neue Mitte Schmiden, Fellbach
  • Grundschule Zazenhausen
  • STO AG Empfangsgebäude, Stühlingen
  • Börse, Stuttgart
  • Ministerium König von England
  • Wohngebäude Quant Stuttgart
  • Rathausquartier, Berlin-Schönefeld
  • Besucherzentrum am Friedenspalast, Den Haag
  • Britische Botschaft, Tiflis
  • Melsungen
  • Wettbewerb SWR, Mannheim
  • Mensa Altenburgschule Stuttgart
  • Musikschule FILUM, Stuttgart

About us

Manuel Schupp and Wilford Schupp architects, Peter Vorbeck and zsp architects. We are ORANGE BLU.  more...

Our Approach

Creativity is orange. Processes are blue. Artistic aspiration meets a new understanding for the process management of the future. more...

Our Experience

We are able to convince with our international references, representing statements of creativity, as well as excellence in planning. more...

Our Clients

Without saying a word they speak for themselves: our references. more...